Affordable Term and Whole Life Insurance

Provide financial stability for 
your family.

Simple and affordable plans with no medical exams and cash-back options that pay you back at the end of the term if you never end up needing the coverage.

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What to Know

Term life insurance policies are simple and affordable plans to protect your family should something happen to you. You choose your term and a large or small amount of coverage – all at a low cost. Certain stages of life come with greater financial burdens than others and term life insurance provides peace of mind when you need it most.

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A licensed agent can help you customize a plan and check back in to make policy adjustments as your needs change. Get in touch by phone or over video conference.

Benefits of Term Life Insurance

Easy Application
No medical exam required, apply in minutes online or with the help of a our insurance advisors.
Affordable & Flexible
Policies can cost less than $15/month
Choose your term and the coverage
that’s right for you
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January 3, 2021.
I highly recommend Compare Health, Life & Dental Quotes Insurance Center. They are so professional, friendly, and truly cares about each patient.
Gamalia Sammil
January 2, 2021.
I injured myself at work and was instructed to come here by my employer. Staff is very friendly, Brandon was funny, and very personable, which helped lighten the mood.
December 30, 2020.
They were just the greatest. Best and most caring customer service we have experienced in a long, long time!!
December 27, 2020.
Best urgent care experience maybe even healthcare experience. Listened to my concerns and was mindful of how I was feeling. Fast excellent and affordable care!
Mary Mallory
November 8, 2020.
I am going to refer all my friends and family to you when they need insurance, actually took the time to help me out without trying to rush me into anything. Thanks again
Margot Hoffman
October 28, 2020.
Brandon is absolutely the agent to choose when it comes to "hands on service" for "Health, Life & Dental Insurance." He truly cares about what you need, and went above and beyond to make sure I had all of the information needed to make a wise decision. He comes highly recommended and anyone would be fortunate to have him for their agent.
Barbara Jackson
October 26, 2020.
The representative Courtney was very nice and easy to work with.
Cynthia Minnie
October 26, 2020.
Thank you for looking after our needs well , I had to secure both health insurance and life insurance for my ex from a court order decree, and you found an affordable option for us that satisfied the judge.
Beverly Nasser
October 24, 2020.
Brandon has saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars each year and his experience has helped me navigate this insurance nightmare we all have to deal with. His advise is invaluable.
Bernetta Marks
October 23, 2020.
Brandon is AMAZING! He took an overwhelmingly confusing decision and made feel informed, confident and clear. He listened carefully to my needs and directed me towards a plan that is not only cheaper than my previous one, but a better fit for our healthcare needs. Thank you, Brandon!!!!!!!!!!

See just how affordable term life insurance rates can be

Meet Kristen D.
At 28, Kristen wants an affordable life insurance policy to protect her husband if she were to die.
  • Coverage: $150,000
  • Term: 20 years
  • Rate: $37/ month
Meet John G.
John is 43 years old and needs an affordable life insurance policy for his growing family.
  • Coverage: $100,000
  • Term: 25 years
  • Rate: $48/ month
Meet Andrea P.
Andrea, a 35-year-old mother of three, can provide for her loved ones if she passes away.
  • Coverage: $250,000
  • Term: 15 years
  • Rate: $27/ month

Term Life Vs. Whole Life Insurance.

Term Life Insurance Whole Life Insurance
What is it? “Renting” your coverage “Owning” your coverage
Length 10,15,20,25 or 30-year term Your whole life
Affordability Plans start at less than $20/month More expensive
Cash Value No Yes
Payment Flexibility None. If you miss a payment, your policy will terminate. More flexibility given the cash value component of your policy.
Return of Premium Rider Yes, an option No, not an option

Frequently Asked Questions

None of us can know when we’ll pass away or when our health situation may change for the worse. For the best rate, it makes sense to apply for term life insurance online today.
Most people who are in good health will qualify for coverage. You may still qualify for term life insurance if you have existing health problems, although your premium will likely be higher.
Term life insurance is generally the least expensive type of life insurance you can buy as it only covers a specified time frame. Rates can be less than $20/month.
Everyone has different insurance coverage needs. To help determine how much coverage is right for you and your family, visit our guide on life insurance coverage or connect with our insurance advisors to ensure you are securing the right amount of coverage for your family.

Ready to apply?

Get a free quote in seconds based on your insurance needs, then continue to our online application and secure the coverage you need in 10 minutes. It’s that simple.

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